The Glorious 19th



 Happy New Year from all our golfers.

Whilst last year was challenging, we can now put it all behind us and get on with our great game of golf; and the effort to improve our game (which can be quite an experience at times).
But as long as we keep laughing and enjoy the fun and friendly competition, we are indeed fortunate. Sadly, due to COVID-19 we have had some changes and therefore there will have to be a new education program on the time we play. YES, it's still Friday, YES, it's still Breakers but it's NOW 9.40 am, but please arrive by 9.25 am in order to sign in etc which seems to change frequently. On the bright side it's all an experience and as we all get older one, we will forget. New players welcome but please contact me first to enable me to book in during the COVID season

Peter Mear, Golf Co-ordinator

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