At our Tuesday meeting in January we asked one of our own members to please give a performance with her cello.

When you are making a booking, you're never really sure of what you will get! Had we known we would have booked Denise Lawrence a long time ago. Because boy was that worth waiting for. I sat at the back of the hall and you could hear a pin drop.

Not only did she play beautifully but she introduced us to the musical instrument of her career, and explained its complexity, the way it was built, the history of the instrument, the costs involved and its capabilities. All of which was done in the most interesting way.

Personally, I would like to say Bravo but I'm sure it comes from all of us who were in the audience. Denise dedicated a beautiful piece “The Swan” to the passing of her friend and our member Helen Sutton.

Thank you, Denise, for your very generous and beautifully arranged recital.



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