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Notable Achievements






It takes exceptional service in positions of responsibility over several years to be considered for Life Membership of Probus Club of Kincumber. Elected by a vote of her peers, Diane Rudd of Copacabana was recently presented her gold Life Member badge by Club President David Minshall.

Diane has the honour of being the first female Life Member in the Club's 37-year history of providing fun and social interaction to its members.


In a bold move, the first cadre of nine women was inducted in 2009 to the formerly all-male group. Diane Rudd was in this trailblazing cohort. Our now 82-member Club has never looked

back, and in the succeeding twelve years, the ladies increasingly have held every key position and brought fresh perspectives and energy to the Club. Five: Thelma Leonard, Rhonda Roberts, Diane Rudd, Phyl Hill and Gloria Reid have served as the Club President.

What makes Diane Rudd stand out? A positive force, Diane has accumulated over twenty-one years of service, counting all the positions she has held in her twelve years in the Club. Half of that time, she held two jobs simultaneously and in some years three!

Can the newest Probus Club of Kincumber Life Member rest on her laurels with her election? Absolutely not.

The now five Life Members are, in effect, the proactive 'Board of Advisors' to the President and the Club's Management Committee. They bring their many years of experience, keen knowledge and insight into what has worked in the past - and readily advise on what has not worked, keeping the Club active, vibrant and financially sound.

Inducting Diane in a ceremony at the Club's May meeting, President Minshall noted that "It was my great pleasure to be the President to induct Diane Rudd as The Club's first lady Life Member. Diane's service to The Club had been outstanding, and no doubt Diane will continue to provide sage counsel to the Management Committee and me."


Peter Park, Secretary

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